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JBM’s metal fabrication and assembly service experts specialize in performing unique and often complex assembly work. Our goal is to reduce your supply chain. Our Assembly department and team are equipped to handle a wide variety of projects from mechanical and welding to hydraulic or pneumatic assembled systems. From the assembly of large components like train window frames to multi-piece rubber and metal joined for marine docks, our engineers will work with your design to determine the best method of fabrication and assembly and our team of qualified assembly personnel will take your project to completion.


JBM has a team of skilled employees cross-trained across our metal fabrication and assembly services through our various processes to satisfy your delivery and quality requirements. Assembly can be simple and require only one person, or complex heavy fabrications requiring the use of several in-house capabilities including our 30-ton crane, 10,000lb forklift, and multiple employees.

JBM offers complete metal fabrication and assembly services for mechanical metal assemblies; utilizing a lean assembly line and material Kanban systems to create your finished metal assemblies faster and more efficiently for defense, rail & Industrial markets.

As an integrated fabricator with well-defined processes, our goal at JBM is to provide high-quality metal fabrication and finishing services, consistently exceeding our customer’s expectations.

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