Laser Cutting

Process Details

JBM provides laser metal cutting services for armors, steel plate, and aluminum by using 2D and 3D CNC laser cutting machines to provide high-speed, precision cutting of a wide variety of materials. Our laser programmers utilize in-house nesting and programming software to maximize material efficiency. Our 5-axis laser capability offers solutions for cutting features on formed material.


In order to perform our laser metal cutting service for armors, steel plate, and aluminum, JBM operates a 6KW 2D laser with maximum bed size of 78””x156” to handle large-scale armor and mild steel plate. Our 4KW 5-axis laser (3D) laser has a bed size of 60”x120” and can cut a variety of formed materials:

  • Armors – RHA, UHTA, HH, UHH, IDF S-603, S-605
  • Stainless Steel
  • Aluminum
  • Composites, and other standard steels
  • Steel thicknesses up to 1” thick
  • Aluminum thicknesses up to ½”

As an integrated fabricator with well-defined processes, our goal at JBM is to provide high-quality metal fabrication and finishing services, consistently exceeding our customer’s expectations.

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