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Process Details

The metal machining experts at JBM will review your drawings and solid models to determine the best method for your machining requirements, whether a 3-axis, 4-axis or 5-axis CNC is needed. We aim to reduce your costs, process your job quickly by using our library of stock tools, and reduce the number of setups to complete the job. Our metal machining company uses high-speed equipment that complements our other CNC equipped lasers and forming capabilities.


JBM has armor, composite, and steel CNC machining capabilities and currently uses Haas 4 Axis, CNC machining centers with high-speed machining capability, and a bed size of 60” x 40”. If we determine your part or assembly requires a process that we are unable to provide in-house, we have a selection of quality-approved metal machining company vendors to meet your requirements. Delivering your completed part is our goal.

  • In-house Engineering, programming, and error proofing.
  • Armor, Composite & Steel CNC Machining:
    • Armors – RHA, UHTA, HH, IDF S-603, S-605
    • Stainless Steel
    • Aluminum
    • Composites, and other standard steels
  • Management of outside vendors

As an integrated fabricator with well-defined processes, our goal at JBM is to provide high-quality metal machining, fabrication and finishing services, consistently exceeding our customer’s expectations.

Submit your drafts and we will provide you with an official quote at no charge. It is a fast, easy way to get your project started.

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